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Ms. Cenerlien


A - Accomplished

IP - In Progress

X - Not taught yet

Maria J. RodriguezQ1Q2
Listening Skills
Listen for specific information.IPA
Use discriminative listening in order to determine the tone of voice, verbal cues,
and other changes in sound in conversations.
Understand what someone is saying using language skills (words in said
Analyze complex information, using critical listening to evaluate what’s being
Identify the differences between phonemes taught in class. (Phone Discrimination)AA
Follow directions in English that involve several step sequences.AA
Show comprehension of particular words related to basic concepts.AA
Understand the main idea of stories or conversations.IPA
Speaking Skills
Use specific vocabulary words and phrases in an appropriate way for the context.AA
Create sentences that have some basic structure.AIP
Make sentences that allow for ideas to be communicated successfully with
minimal interpretation on the listener.
Link together words and phrases without constant need to pause or rephrase.AIP
Avoid issues in pronunciation such as misplaced word stress and phonemes, with
minimal interference in communication.
Understand and appropriately respond to questions on particular topics.AA
Can communicate basic information about personal details and needs of a
concrete type in a simple way.
Link words or groups of words with basic connectors such as 'and', 'so' or 'then'AA
Use verbs in the past to talk about past activities in a natural way.IPA
Writing Skills
Retells conversations to a partner with less to no struggles.AIP
Use every day English expressions to communicate with classmates and express
complete ideas.
Answer questions according to what has been asked, using complete sentences.IPA
Relate their personal experiences with the topics seen in class .AA
Demonstrate ability to consistently meet given prompts (comprehension)AIP
Respond directly to prompts addressed by the teacher.AIP
Express written ideas in a clear and organized way.IPA
Make sentences with a defined structure: every sentence has a subject and a
predicate and makes a whole idea.
Demonstrate a high degree of spelling accuracy in both target and high frequency
Spell words with not significant enough errors to affect comprehension.IPA
Begin all sentences with capital letters.IPIP
Capitalize all "I" .AIP
End all sentences with a punctuation mark.IPA
Capitalize all proper nouns in a written composition.IPA
Make sentences that are easy to understand.AA
Create a composition where writing flows and keeps the reader engaged.IPIP
Present grammatical accuracy in the areas covered.IPIP
Use connective words (and, but, so, or) that work to smooth their writing.AA
Reading Skills
Use plenty of adjectives that help describe their subjects.IPA
Identify specific sounds at the beginning, middle, and end of words.AA
Show comprehension and understanding of phonemic awareness.IPA
Recognize the words in a text rapidly and accurately and using phrasing and
emphasis in a way that makes what is read sound like spoken language.
Practice repeated reading with activities that give them an opportunity to respond to what they have read.AA
Develop understanding of new vocabulary words guided by Teacher.IPIP
Use new words in sentences, matching words with definitions, sorting or discussing with classmates those words.AA
Use new words in different contexts.IPIP
Employ prior knowledge with new information that is encountered in the text.AIP
Use their background knowledge to identify or make connections among ideas in
what they are reading.
Help other classmates understand more of what they read by sharing personal
experiences or that more extensive knowledge.
Answer questions based on the text read.IPA
Teacher's Comments
Maria José: es una excelente alumna, muy puntual, participa en todas las actividades de clase. Muestra mucho interés en asistir a su clase, le gusta expresar y preguntar, ha tenido mucha mejoría en su expresión, lectura y pronunciación. En algunas ocasiones se le olvida hacer las tareas, pero siempre está dispuesta para demostrar que entiende y aprende bien los temas en cuestión. Ella necesita trabajar un poco más su abilidad de escuchar y escribir, para desarrollar más su nivel de inglés. Es un placer trabajar con ella.