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Little Kids
Ms. Grace


A - Accomplished

IP - In Progress

X - Not taught yet

Amalia Rodriguez FernandezQ1Q2
Listening Skills
Attends to English oral language.A
Begins to follow simple directions in English.A
Follows directions that involve a one or two step sequence.A
Demonstrates an understanding of words related to basic concepts.A
Understands main ideas of stories.A
Combines nonverbal and some verbal communications to be understood by others.A
Speaking Skills
Begins to use English vocabulary.A
Begins to converse with others using English vocabulary but may code-switch.A
Uses new English vocabulary to share knowledge of concepts.A
Answers question in complete sentences.IP
Begins to use English to talk about personal experiences.A
Retells a story using some English.A
Repeats or recites simple songs, poems and finger plays.A
Reading Skills
Attends to an adult reading a short storybook.A
Begins to participate in reading activities.IP
Reads shorts stories and books.A
Begins to orally decode words in English.A
Writing Skills
Begins to use marks or symbols to represent spoken language.IP
Attempts to copy words.A
Writes with some grammatical errors but it does not diminish communication.IP
Attempts to write simple sentences with clear ideas.A
Teacher's Comments
Amalia es una niña muy amistosa y alegre. Se adaptó muy rápido con sus compañeros. Participa en todas las actividades, pero en ocasiones se distrae conversando con sus compañeros y se requiere que se le llame la atención. Me satisface mucho acompañarlo en esta etapa de su vida. Le recomiendo practicar la lectura en casa.